Acceleration Offer

Acceleration Offer

A school acceleration program is a specialized education program designed to help students advance at a faster pace through grade levels. These programs are typically offered to gifted students or those who have demonstrated exceptional academic abilities. The goal of school acceleration programs is to provide these students with a challenging and stimulating curriculum that meets their unique needs, while also preparing them for the rigors of higher education.

There are several types of school acceleration programs, including grade skipping, subject acceleration, and dual enrollment. Grade skipping involves moving a student to a higher grade level, while subject acceleration allows a student to take advanced courses in a particular subject area. Dual enrollment programs allow high school students to take college-level classes for credit.

School acceleration programs can be beneficial for students who are academically advanced, as they provide a more challenging and engaging learning environment. However, it is important to ensure that these programs are appropriate for each individual student, as they may not be suitable for everyone.

Type of acceleration program: one year grade skipping
Administration Fee: 900 Poundsterling
Books Fee: Rp. 2.500.000
Semester report fee: Rp. 500.000

1. Academic Achievement Sign
2. Reduction of study time for one year
3. Saving SPP costs for 12 months
4. No longer charged for annual fee in Academic year 2024-2025

1. Only apply for international curriculum
2. Only for students who passed the test

For more information, contact 0895-1731-5413 (Ms Bella)

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